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Hexagram 27

Today the focus is on Nourishment, which is related to hexagram 27. The idea is to notice what others are doing in terms of healthy eating and how that intake will cause preservation of life. The important thing at this point is to eat the right things to promote a healthy well-being. In order to maintain that status one should be thoughtful of their speech and frugal in both eating and drinking. When drinking wine do not turn the receptacle up so high as to pour so much in the mouth that it spill out the corners of the mouth and gets the head wet, which is another sign of just plain getting drunk, not that of moderately causal drinking. With this type undertaking, be moderate, and at best, sustain from drinking, because like other things, alcohol is for homeopathic purposes.
Yes I know here comes the weekend, time to overindulge, but you have read this and you know now you need to notice what others are doing, in terms of nourishment. Take it light; do not be so overbearing as to forge forward at this time. The great river should not be crossed just yet. Proper nourishment is of paramount importance at this time, then one can proceed, and enjoy his or her great rewards in due time. Also remember, we are what we eat. Try a little yellow rice, (turmeric + brown rice). Have fun team, and eat right.

“Foretell the Future with my Calendar of Days”

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